Best treks to do near Delhi

Best treks to do near Delhi

By going on an unusual weekend journey excursion this season, you can break the monotony, the restrictions, and the imprisonment. Continuous working hours and recurrence of the same routine reduce originality and quality targets for each of us over time, as seen by the decreasing productivity levels. To recover from this exhaustion, go on a journey that will get you as near to nature as possible, such as weekend hikes from Delhi. You’ll never run out of experiences to make your holiday in the hills unforgettable thanks to the vast selection of trekking excursions around Delhi. These hikes are ideal escapes from the commotion of Delhi city, providing lots of possibilities for adventure seekers, photographers, and those seeking tranquility. During the summer, you’ll discover pine forest encircling huge meadows wrapped in silky sheets of grass as well as flower beds on virtually every hike.

1. Patalsu Peak Trek

At a height of 4,220 meters, the Patalsu peak hike offers snow and some of the most magnificent views of the Dhauladhar mountains. The Patalsu Peak offers the trekker a diversity of options before leading them to the summit, where they will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Himalayas Trek as well as the Dhauladhar range’s snowcapped summits. To keep yourself going for the rest of the journey, have a nice and light lunch. In the presence of an expert local guide, learn fascinating facts about the mountain region and much more. Trek to a height of 13,800 feet for spectacular views of the Dhauladhar mountains.

2. Triund Trek

The Dhauladhar range’s snow-capped peaks on one side, as well as the deeply beautiful Kangra valley on the other, excite hikers, unlike few others. The ascents are tough and a beginner’s pleasure on one of the shortest hikes on the list. The journey attracts a lot of bird-watchers, and the evening sky entices you to set up camp for the overnight. The lit village below is just breathtaking. Trekking from Triund, Dharamsala’s crown gem, is best accomplished between March and December and is among the most popular trekking destinations near Delhi.

3. Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu

The famous temple of Bijli Mahadev is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the Kullu Valley at a height of around 2,460 meters. In the lovely city of Manali, discover the city’s nature trails and learn about its mysteries. With the Bijli Mahadev walk, you may enjoy the companionship of big trees and lovely scenery. Be at Kinja town in the Kullu area. There, you’ll meet your guide and begin the journey to the Bijli Mahadev temple. As you travel through the lush woodlands, take in the breathtaking vistas of the mountain ranges. Get hassle-free transportation and drop-off from your accommodation to the Bijli Mahadev Trek’s beginning point.

4. Nag Tibba Trek

The Nag Tibba mountain, located in Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal area, is among the most well-known hikes near Delhi. This weekend’s trip is seeing increased foot traffic and provides spectacular views of the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Gangotri, as well as Kedarnath mountain ranges along the way. The relatively straightforward trails carved along the mountain make this a great first trip. The hill is covered in thick Deodar woods, and the ideal months to visit are February to June and September to December. The Nag Tibba trip is circular in form, with several beginning and finishing sites to guarantee that there is no overlapping. The lush meadows conceal areas that serve as a serene backdrop.

5. Tosh Valley Trek

If you have a long holiday weekend forthcoming, Tosh Valley Trek may be the ideal experience for you, since it offers fascinating hiking near Delhi. This short walk provides a classic Himachali experience in the shape of beautiful scenery formed by the flowing Tosh River as well as the lush flora of the valley in only a few minutes. Because the whole trail is gorgeous, you will have several photo chances while hiking up it. And once you see the magnificent Tosh Waterfall and drink its clean alpine water, you will be able to forget about your wearness.

6. Bhadraj Hill Trek

Bhadraj Hill is one of the greatest sites for hiking near Delhi for those who want to try their luck at the game for the very first time. It is a small and well-balanced trip. The track is also known as the ‘Milkman’s Trail,’ since it is the daily route traveled by the milkman who serves the Bhadraj hamlet. This path runs for two days and one night across the undulating meadows and woods on the northern side of Bhadraj Hill. Backpackers can set their tent for the night at the settlement of Dudhli, which acts as a rest break in between. The path itself is extremely simple and can be ascended without difficulty by novices.

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