Harishchandragad Trek And Best Time To Visit


Mumbai is well-known for its inscriptions dating back to the 7th century that mentions one province located within the Westernmost region of the country famous for its dazzling and ancient castles that not only celebrate the splendor of the state but is a symbol of pride and strength for the whole nation that we take pride in. Temples with a legend of carving, as well as the magnificent forts that represent our rich cultural heritage.

Maharashtra gets its name in the form of “Rathi”, which means, “Chariot chauffeur”, and the region serves as the motor of the nation. The journey to Maharashtra and encircling Maharashtra is a heaven for those seeking fun and celebration. Maharashtra is a paradise for those who love adventure. Residents of Maharashtra can enjoy a variety of activities for adventurers to pick throughout the year. The bustling Sahyadris provide lush woods to walk through, waterfalls and rivers to explore as well as rock faces and boulders that you can climb over and forts with historical significance that you can trek to. Climbing up Sahyadris leads you to high peaks with breathtaking views of surrounding valleys and ranges.

Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad is a fort at the top situated inside the Ahmednagar district in India. Its story is linked to the history of Malshej Ghat, Kothale village, and played a significant part in the security and control of the surrounding region. Harishchandragad Fort is quite old it is believed to date from the middle ages. The great Sage Changdev who wrote the epic Tatva Saar was known to sit in Harishchandragad during around the 14th century. The caves of Harishchandragad Are also from the same time. Harishchandragad was conquered Marathas in 1747, by the Moguls.


Harishchandragad from Khireshwar Trek is a 27.0-kilometer filled with traffic on the out and back trails close to Junnar, Maharashtra, India has a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail has a variety of activity alternatives that can be enjoyed from October through April.

With this in mind let’s jump into the tour itinerary Harishchandragad Trek!


It is possible to reach Khireshwar at around 2:00 am and start the night trek at 3:00 am. The entire trail can be divided into three parts: Khireshwar village to a section of forest, Forest Section to Tolar Khind, and the final section by Tolar Khind.

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The first is that the distance that runs from Khireshwar town to the forests is 1.4 km, which takes around 30 minutes. You will be walking through Pimpalgaon dam. The mountains will grab your interest and paddy fields won’t let you down over the entire expanse.

In the second :

 it is 1.8 km in length and takes around 1 hour 30 mins to hike. There is a sudden shift in the environment and the path becomes sharper and there are some rough sections, so be sure to exercise be cautious.

Thirdly, starting from Tolar Khind, hike up to the top of a large rock. It may take one hour until you finally arrive at the plateau, from which you can see the fort’s top.

Our goal is to get to the summit of Harishchandragad before 6:30 am, and have some food. The incredibleness doesn’t end there. After that, we will go to Harishchandra Fort. The first stop is the Kedareshwar caves, as well as the Kedareshwar temple. Kedareshwar temple. In the next stage, Konkan Kada, Cliff along with Taramati Peak, the 4th highest point in Maharashtra. After lunch, we walked downhill until we reached Khireshwar village at 4:00 at night. After that, we’ll begin our journey to reach Shivaji Nagar by 10:00 pm.

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Medium-sized backpack for carrying your essentials on the hike

Power Bank

Bottles of water are essential two liters each.

Personal First Aid

Warm clothing

Raincoats and raincoats for Bag covers

Comfortable pair of shoes that have great grip for climbing.

Slipper to enjoy strolling around the campsite

Torch and Headlamp for nighttime walks

Portable chargers for your devices

An extra pair of clothes in case of emergency situations

Cloth bags to pack your wet, dirty, or other clothing

Pay attention to your money when you eat out and souvenirs for gifts


Join with other travelers and begin your journey towards Khireshwar. The trek will take you through massive rock patches, strolling along with paddy fields, and forest boundaries.

The ancient fort is home to Microlithic men.

The top places to visit in this area are Harishchandreshwar Temple Sapta Tirta Pushkarni, Kashi Tirtha temple Nageshwar temple Kedareshwar cave Taramati Peak and Konkan Kada.

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Step by step to the massive Shiva linga that is enclosed by water and held by a single pillar. The three others were destroyed by time.

See natural phenomena such as vertical cloudbursts, circular rainbows.

This is all folks! Be sure to take a look at our suggestions. Until next time.