Kedarkantha Trek: A Perfect Destination to Spend Your Vacation


Kedarkantha Trek:

Kedarkantha is a popular winter trek where even a beginner can take up this trek. It just takes about a week’s time or even less. The trip begins from Dehradun and goes into a small and beautiful village called Sankri. This same village is actually inside a wildlife sanctuary known as the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a diverse and rare species of fauna and flora. Kedarkantha trek BanBanjara takes you to one of the highlights which are the Juda Ka Talab, a lake that is believed to be formed by a droplet fallen from Lord Shiva’s head. One gets to trek through the lush green forests of oak, maple, morinda spruce, beautiful pastures, and mesmerizing water bodies.

How to Reach:

One can choose to reach this destination in 3 ways either by flight or by train or by road. The roadways to this location are well connected to all the major cities from Dehradun. You can also choose to come in regular bus services that happen in this location from Delhi as well as many other states. You can also choose to drive to this place or hire a cab or taxi to do the same. If you choose to take a flight then this place is well connected to major metro cities which are having regular flight services to Dehradun. The famous and nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport which is domestically well connected to this place. Or if you choose to take a train to reach this place some major metro cities that are also well connected by which you can reach this location easily from all over India. Dehradun junction is the nearest railway station that is available to this location.

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Things to carry

  • Original ID card.
  • Sanitizer, face mask.
  • Backpacks and rain cover.
  • Day bags and rain cover.
  • Personal Medical kit as per the recommendation of your doctor. ( if necessary)
  • Water cans that can be refilled whenever possible.
  • Hiking shoes with an extra pair of socks.
  • Torches with extra batteries.
  • Glucose, chocolates, nuts, and dry snacks.
  • Thermal clothes.
  • Jackets, sweaters.
  • Warm inner wears.
  • Trek pants, t-shirts, half sleeves.
  • Gloves.
  • Woolen caps.
  • Towels.
  • Rain coast.
  • UV glasses.
  • Tissues.
  • Camera, phone charger.
  • Personal hygiene things like soap, brush, paste, towel, sanitizer, face wash, hand wash.

Level of Difficulty

It is said to be an easy to moderate trekking experience. Even a beginner can take up this trekking but they need to be very careful as the peaks are steadily steely, a small miscalculation can put the life of the trekker in great trouble.

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Best time to do Kedarkantha trek

It is recommended to take up this trekking during the months from November to April to explore this land which will be fully covered by snowy mountains, icy lakes, dense forests, and many more. Trekkers need to take perfect precautions for this trek because it happens during the very cold months.

Places to visit during the Kedarkantha trek

Osla Village is 2590 meters in altitude. Taluka, which is 26 km from this small village. This village is surrounded by apple trees and is located on the slopes of the mountains. It is a hamlet that can be witnessed on the way to Har ki Dun trek which also takes place from Sankri. Taluka Village is also a hamlet which is about a distance of 12 km by drive or trekking from Sankri village. You can either choose to trek from the Bar ki Dun trek or drive or hire a jeep from Sankri to Taluka Village and then trek from here onwards. Mori surely has a special place in traveler’s hearts for the beauty and the scenic views that this place has to offer. The location of this beautiful township is on the banks of the Tons River of the Uttarkashi district. It is of about 1,150 feet of altitude. In the northwest region of the Uttarkashi district lies a small quaint town called Purola which is 1524 meters above sea level. This place is said to be the gateway to Har ki Dun trek as it lies on the way for the trek.

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Some Facts

The people of the Kedarkantha valley believe that Lord Shiva had once sat for meditation on one of the lakes called Juda ka Talab. It also shows that they are still superstitious about the religious beliefs that were passed onto them by the ancestors of that place.