Monsoon treks of Himalayas | Very Different and Pure Kind of Beauty

Monsoon treks of Himalayas

The season of Monsoon not just cleans any place but also refreshes every bit of it, like rejuvenating nature by freeing it from all the stress. This season brings a very different and pure kind of beauty to any place, the monsoon rains seem to be pouring right from heaven. And the ever-majestic and serene Himalayas looks a little extra stunning in the rains. Going for Himalayan treks in the rainy season brings the beauty of the place in its most charming and aesthetic way. But not every trek can be done in the rains as some of them are very risky due to the fear of natural calamities and that is why this article gets you to the top treks to do in the monsoon season which is not risky but ravishing.desires of Wildlife-lovers as well.

1. Valley of Flowers:-

A truly serene and beautiful trek that will spellbind you with its beauty. Covering 87 sq km of land with elegance and serenity, The Valley of Flowers is home to a breathtaking range of 600 different and beautiful flowers. It rests in the Chamoli district of the Garhwal region in the state of Uttarakhand, at a height of 14,400 feet. The flowers carry such rare and serene color combinations, that you wouldn’t have even thought of and flaunt them right in front of your eyes. With the monsoon rains, the place becomes even more winsome and appealing, as the vegetation grows even more, and the dark grey skies give the best background makes it a perfect landscape. Water streams and forests that are all along the trek adds up to the beauty of the place. The place has been titled as a UNESCO Heritage site and also is a national park, and caters to the desires of Wildlife-lovers as well.

Duration: 6 Days

Best time to visit: July-October

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2.Hampta Pass:-

Resting in the Pir Panjal Ranges of the Himalayas, this is another trek whose serenity doubles in the Monsoon season. This trek is situated between two of the most pleasing valleys, the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh and the Chandra valley of Lahaul. The two valleys are so surreal and watching them in the monsoon season with dark and grey skies in the moist air is something your soul would never forget. Watching the surroundings of the trek from the great height of 14,000 feet is absolutely breathtaking to look at and the rainy season adds to its beauty. There are places like Chandratal Lake and Spiti valley, which one gets to see while on this trek, and these miracles of nature look absolutely stunning with rain.

Duration : 6 days

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3.Kashmir great lakes trek:-

The Paradise on Earth becomes more heavenly when the monsoon season arrives. This beautiful trek in Kashmir is filled with serene and charming lakes, and when rain refills them, that would be the scene of your life. And if there is any room left for serenity, the dark and grey clouds along with the dew resting on grass and flowers, the atmosphere being really cool, charming meadows of Maple and Pine, high and majestic mountains, and the fresh chilly breeze does the needful. The trek goes up to the height of 13,800 feet and is covered with 75 km of beauty and these make it a moderately difficult trek. The trek begins from 75 km northeast of Srinagar.

Duration: 8 Days

Best time to visit: July-September.

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4.Tarsar Marsar Lake:-

Kashmir has a reason to be called a paradise, after all, it has two of the best Himalayan treks in the country. The Tarsar Marsar lake trek resides in Kashmir as well and is no less beautiful than its competitor. Both the treks are a must-visit as each of them will leave you in awe with their unique beauty. This place has some ocean blue, alpine lakes which also lets you camp near them. Imagine sleeping near the lakes whose blue color reflects in the moonlight, in the freshness left by rains over the place, how exquisite. From the height of 13,201 feet, the views of lush green mountains of Shekahawas around and the dark sky over you, just make the place more serene.

Duration: 7 days

Best time to visit: July to September