Most Beautiful National Parks In California

National Parks In California

National Parks in California are famous all around the world with no two offerings staying the same. Exploring the nature national park is always the best available option for all people. You are planning to make your upcoming vacation trip to visit this place then this is really a great option for you. We have discussed here the Most Beautiful National Parks In California to explore from many national Park in California.

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It draws in visitors in the millions every year and with 28 parks in total. Which is really a huge number of visitors to a destination so you should visit this place once in your lifetime. Here are a few select parks that you should definitely visit in California.

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is an all-year destination with fishing, rock climbing, rafting, hiking. Apart from this, you can go camping with your friends and family. Being great choices and especially wildlife watching during the spring and fall season. Even though summertime here is popular trails tend to get a bit crowded due to the higher footfall.

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Is quiet and solitude is your idea of enjoying the serenity of the landscape then winters are probably the better choice here so make an Alaska Airlines Booking and explore this place. While many roads and trails may become inaccessible but for the creative traveller many interesting landscapes and hidden gems may very well be in store for them at Yosemite.

Monolithic peaks are the Half Dome or El Captain are iconic features at this amazing park. The Yosemite falls are also a crowd favourite with its 2,425 foot fall.

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2. Joshua National Park

This park offers a host of amazing activities to indulge in from hiking to star gazing. But this is an exceptionally attractive place for rock climbing with its 8000+ climbing routes for visitors.

Joshua Park also has several oases sprinkled over the expanses marked by palm trees that are fed during the spring. Camping grounds like Jumbo Rocks Campground are also distinctly popular along families which boasts of 120 sites and special rock formations like Skull Rock.

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3. Death Valley National Park

The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes also provide the ideal backdrop for photoshoots with towering dunes that seem to go on forever. The Bed Water Basin is also a great place to visit due to its geographical impressiveness as the lowest point in the whole of US at 277 below sea level. the salt flats also stretch endlessly and are also great for taking photos.

4. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

This amazing park is open the whole year and also depending on the activity and the car that you have can access here. The park is without much problem since it is not as popular as its other counterparts like Yosemite and Joshua Tree.

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Visitors can usually get easy accommodations and camping sites even during peak seasons in Summer. Some common sightings amongst the Fauna here are black bears and mule deer and several others up in the canopy.

5. Pinnacles National Park

California’s newest park, Pinnacles National Park is located in Central California east of the Salinas Valley. The park is the remains of an ancient volcano field that over millions of year moved over plate tectonics exposing the formations and elements that people see today.

It is along with the lesser-known parks but has good trails with fewer people around and is also easy to navigate as it’s smaller than its larger counterparts.

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6. Lassen Volcanic National Park

During the summer Lassen volcanic park offers to visitors over 150 miles of hiking trails. During the winter the park despite its intense heat is known to get snowfall- sometimes up to 900 inches of snow in a single season. Now choose which season you can visit this place and choose Jetblue Airlines Vacations accordingly.

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Visitors during winter can take advantage of the cross country, backcountry and snowshoeing activities available at the park. Other popular activities do indulge in at this national park include climbing Lassen Park, swimming in Manzanita Lake and checking in for the night at Drakesbad Guest Ranch.