Sikkim tour – How to Visit Sikkim, different tourist spots & much more


Sikkim is one of the most peaceful and beautiful state of India. This Himalayan state is bordered by West Bengal, China, Nepal and Bhutan in the East. With a total area of 7,096, Sikkim covers 0.22 percent of the total geographical area of India with a population of 540493 (2001 census). Climate of Sikkim varies from tropical to alpine.

The maximum temperature during summer is 25 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is 13 degree Celsius. During winter, the maximum temperature is 13 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is 04 degree Celsius. Usually, the best season to visit Sikkim is April to June during pre-summer season and October to December for winter season.

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During summer, light woolens clothes are ideal to use while heavy woolens clothes are best during winter season.

Tourism Prospect in Sikkim-

Sikkim rich in flora and fauna

Sikkim is rich in abundant natural beauties bestowed with the beautiful Himalayan glaciers, the snow clad mountains, the lakes, the waterfall and the rich flora and fauna and rich cultural heritage and tradition. There are large varieties, species and type of flora and fauna. The are 150 species of mammals, 690 species of butterflies, 552 types of birds. Red Panda is the state animal. There are 4500 flowering plants and424 medicinal plants. There are 36 varieties of Rhododendrons and 515 species of orchid.

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Trade with China and prospect of tourism

Following the resumption of trade with China via Nathula, the prospect of tourism is also increased. Talks are being held to find out the possibility of tourism development in Sikkim from China via Nathula.

How to visit Sikkim by flight –

From Delhi or most of the metropolitan cities of India, one can make a trip up to Bagdogra airport of North Bengal, the nearest port. One can even hire Pawan Hans helicopter service from Bagdogra to Gangtok, otherwise, any one can hire taxi from Bagdogra to Gangtok which is three and half hour journey.

How to visit Sikkim by road:

The capital Gangtok is well connected by roads with Siliguri, Kalimpong and Darjeeling. Private Buses and taxis are available.Sikkim Nationalized Transport(SNT) bus service run by Government of Sikkim too available from Siliguri to Gangtok and back. Bus and other private taxi services are available from Siliguri SNT bus terminus, Pradhan Nagar. One take taxi on reservation or by share per head. The present charge from Siliguri to Gangtok is Approx Rs.140-00, but many tout charge as high as they can do during peak season. As such, tourist always can demand the SNT bus at Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri.

Different tourist spots to visit in Sikkim

There are as many as places of tourist interest in Sikkim. The details of such spots are appended in the left hand box. Local taxis and conveyance are available to visit these places from Gangtok. Permit to visit Nathula is available from Gangtok.

Travel agents, trek & tour operators

There are more than 120 travel agents and trek & tour operators registered and recognized by Government of Sikkim. They are very professional and hospitable who organize everything require for the esteemed tourists visiting in the State. They are well trained and equipped. Complaints can be lodged against any person who unnecessarily harass the tourist. “Tourists are our guest” is the slogan of every Sikkimese people according to their tradition and culture.

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Do not throw garbage at random

Eco-tourism as a sustainable development is the main objective of tourism in Sikkim. Tourists are requested not to dispose off garbage at lakes and holy places. They must be collected and be disposed off in the garbage bag or containers only.