Toughest Treks in India


The hunting of trails over ascending mountain, orchard country, low scrub land, crossing over fast flowing streams, waving over paddy fields, across deep woods, drooling under oak, deodar to glacial lakes, great heighten top spirituals walks and many more expedition awaits with highly rough, thrill and challenging treks:

Kedarkantha Trek

The very first Kedarkantha trek must not be confused with the Kedarnath Trek; both are different. Kedarkantha peak is at a great height from where one can witness the lovely appealing view of about 13 peaks of Himalayan range. The trek covers an abundance of snow that lays a sheet of white carpet all around, this makes it more beautiful. Juda Ka Talab is a great destination that offers immense and daunting adventures to relish.Trekking through the way, the must mention place is Juda ka Talab about which the folk beloved that Lord Shiva mediated there. The sacredness and divinity attached to it make it more interesting, visited and adored. This Trek needs your dedication, vigorous walk, Trek to the dedication along with facing the challenges.

Chadar Trek (the Zanskar Gorge), Ladakh

It is extremely a place to mark the existence of a lifetime.Gear up, check your list- fitness level, getting the right layers of clothing and other essentials to combat the weather at that altitude.  And to sum up, experience will be short of words ,as ‘amazing’ is an understatement for it.The blue blissful colour laid up and down all through with gorgeous views spread over miles of distance actually everywhere where one’s eyes can roll. Common! enroute to Bakula – the starting point of the Chadar Trek with sighting the magically stunning hue of blue Zanskar river. Snowy Road and the Zanskar is closely a deadly combination to make you go insane and unrealistic that you can experience it. It’s gonna be risky, curious and cautious even while driving through landslide prone areas. While exploring your wilderness you  have to navigate the way through the rocks. Peaceful is what ? A freshly prepared Fried Rice for Lunch – This will be indeed a luxury considering the place where you will be. It will be just an awe striking trek.I’m damn sure the excitement will induce a thousand questions.

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Pin Parvati Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Great trek to haunt, As climbing higher the bird’s-eye breathtaking views are worth capturing and living. The beauty of this trek will definitely be secure in your heart- with lovely landscapes, culture, diverse lively flora and fauna, panoramic view, serene aura and much more. The view of the Valley is fantastic. It drives you crazy and fulfils your Trekking experience with loads of mesmerising momentum.

Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

It is the great lofty summit in the Stok range, Ladakh region. It is about 20187 ft above sea level. The Hemis National Park is the spot where this marvelling trek is located. Stok village is the beginning spot to initiate marking and living the trek that is roughly about 20km away from the main city Leh.The trek caters the travel junkies with the barren grey landscape, appealing terrain, marvellous plateaus, regions, flora and fauna. of Ladakh Range. The route will take you through multiple glaciers and steep slopes until you reach the top.Must do a trek if you like adventure.

Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

Trek in the astonishing and breathtaking state Sikkim Goecha La Trek the exciting and highest mountain pass offers a highly daunting and marvellous experience that feels bliss as a naturalist’s paradise. It is truly a pleasing destination even believed and termed as the crown of Sikkim. It is at the high Elevation about 16,404ft that makes it more imposing and appealing. One can get a glimpse of the view Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain. Goechala Pass is a dream come true, desirable and amazing trekking destination that falls in every adventurer’s bucket list. Goecha la Trek is an absolutely exciting and thrilling  adventure with a great  serene pleasure to watch the summits from the landscapes filled with exotic flowers and immensely attractive meadows and forests. It’s a truly spectacular alpine trek and an awe striking trek to haunt down.


Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund is a 47 kms route taken during the Rajat Yatra and the other is a 35kms route usually preferred by the trekkers.The starting point of the trek is Debal.

Bedni Bugyal (flat green lands in the hills), on the way to Roopkund, attracts nature lovers around the world.The Roopkund trek also offers a magnificent view of the Badrinath and Trishul Peaks.

Rupin Pass Trail, Himachal Pradesh

Trek will be initiated from bhauta village. The Jakha village at homestay, dhandares thach( lower waterfall campsite) in camps moved to upper waterfall campsite for next stay will be amazing. From the upper waterfall campsite trek till Ronti Gad crossing Rupin pass for night stay will be truly rough and tiring.Rupin pass is at an altitude of 4650 meters from sea level.The trek ends at Sangla in Kinnaur with lots of beauty and challenge.